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Точные науки

Introduction to Glass Science and Technology, Shelby

An Introduction to Glass Science and Technology presents the fundamental topics in glass science and technology...

2962.00 руб.
Microarrays for Integrative Genomics

Functional genomics - the decontruction of the genome to determine the biological function of genes and gene...

1812.00 руб.
The Genetics Revolution, Rose M. Morgan (11/30/05) C

A single-volume resource that covers all of the controversial topics of the genetics revolution. What will our lives be...

2868.00 руб.
Kaplan GRE Exam, Kaplan

1503.00 руб.
Not by genes alone, Richerson

2004.00 руб.
Graphics Gems, Paeth

Graphics GemsV is the newest volume in The Graphics Gems Series. It is intended to provide the graphics community with...

4254.00 руб.
Concrete petrography, Sims, Ian

Written by acknowledged experts in the field, this is an addition to the literature on the material properties of...

11529.00 руб.

Contains a series of reflective essays on the subject of innovation, considering it both as an outcome of strategy and...

4352.00 руб.
European Diplomatic Corps, Cross

3297.00 руб.
Mastering Electrical Engineering 2Ed

1186.00 руб.
Mastering Electronics 4Ed

1120.00 руб.
The European Superpower, McCormick

1186.00 руб.
Refugees in a Global Era, Marfleet

1450.00 руб.
Britannica Illustrated SCIENCE LIBRARY(16 VOLUMES)

Полное 16-томное издание лучшей иллюстрированной книги в мире, наглядно показывающей и объясняющей детям и школьникам...

14087.00 руб.
Color and Layout

The human eye can detect 400 to 700 nanometers of light. Processed by the brain, this light in all its digital...

1685.00 руб.

Besides covering topics like catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and alkylation, this volume has chapters on waste water...

5153.00 руб.
Advanced Physics, Adams

Written by experienced authors and members of the Editorial Board of the I.O.P. , Advanced Physics maintains the rigors...

2531.00 руб.

1377.00 руб.
Managing for Innovation, Glickman

1266.00 руб.
Applying Economics to Institutional Research, Paulsen

1266.00 руб.
Handbook of 3D Integration: Technology and Applications of 3D Integrated Circuits

This two-volume reference is the first encompassing treatise on the accomplished developments, technologies and...

13007.00 руб.

This illustrated study provides comprehensive coverage of plant breeding systems. At the levels of both the individual...

5549.00 руб.
Ironwork Today 2: Inside and Out

2646.00 руб.
Ironwork Today 2: Inside and Out

2646.00 руб.
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