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Точные науки

This text looks at how molecules react, and how the feasibility and outcome of chemical reactions can be predicted....

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A succinct history of the life of the airplane and how this technology has altered how we live, travel, make war, do...

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An advanced text which aims to introduce the principles of non co-operative game theory - including strategic form...

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Basic Soil Mechanics Whitlow

The second edition of this popular text includes a computer-based simulation package which contains a suite of...

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Motivation, Deckers

Well-grounded in the history of the field, Motivation combines classic studies with current research, promoting the...

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Geographica Midi

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Nanotechnology is widely regarded as one of the twenty-first centurya (TM)s key technologies, and its economic...

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 With full technical data and specifications of all military aircraft in service around the world, "The Directory of...

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Bioenergetics is a term used to describe the events of primary energy transduction in biology. The field has seen...

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Hair in Toxicology: An Important Biomonitor is the first book of its kind devoted exclusively to in-depth analysis of...

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Mass Spectrometry: A Foundation Course is a textbook covering the field of mass spectrometry across the chemical,...

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The Chemistry and Physics of Coatings provides an introduction to the science underpinning the paint (organic coatings)...

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Handbook of Science and Technology Studies: Revised Edition, Jasanoff S et al

The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies is the most authoritative and extensive resource in the field. This...

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Design of Systems on a Chip: Design and Test, Reis

 Addresses the design challenges associated with generations of the semiconductor technology. This book includes...

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Digital (or electronic) holography and its application to 3-D display is one of the formidable problems of evolving...

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 Solid State Spectroscopy is a burgeoning field being applied in many branches of science including physics, chemistry,...

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Mahalik,N.P. : Micromanufacturing

"Micromanufacturing and Nanotechnology" is an emerging technological infrastructure and process that involves...

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Myneni. G.R. : Hydrogen in Matter

Hydrogen plays a key role in materials, beneficial in some cases, problematic in others. In all such systems a detailed...

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Nanoscience, Dupas

 Nanotechnologies and nanosciences are a fast-developing field of research, which sit at the point of convergence of...

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Optimization, Lange

Providing an introduction to optimization, this text attempts to strike a balance between presentation of mathematical...

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The volume offers new insights into the modeling and analysis of transportation and telecommunication networks,...

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Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Efros

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