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Точные науки

Advanced Physics, Adams

Written by experienced authors and members of the Editorial Board of the I.O.P. , Advanced Physics maintains the rigors...

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Aircraft system safety: Military and civil aeronautical applications, D E Kritzinger (2006) Marshall Aerospace, UK

The aerospace industry has always held safety of paramount importance and it has been a leading sector in the take-up...

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A succinct history of the life of the airplane and how this technology has altered how we live, travel, make war, do...

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Albert Collection

This unique collection of beautiful and intriguing objects, more than 700 pieces of British and European silver, was...

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Alcoholic empire. vodka and politics in late Imperial Russia

Алкогольная империя

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Amazing Cartier: Jewelry Design Since 1937

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Anathem, Stephenson, Neal

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Applied calculus, Schneider

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Applying Economics to Institutional Research, Paulsen

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Basic Soil Mechanics Whitlow

The second edition of this popular text includes a computer-based simulation package which contains a suite of...

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Beyond: A Solar System Voyage

Since the 1960s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been sending unmanned satellites to explore the...

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Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, Loreau, Michel

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Bioenergetics is a term used to describe the events of primary energy transduction in biology. The field has seen...

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Britannica Illustrated SCIENCE LIBRARY(16 VOLUMES)

Полное 16-томное издание лучшей иллюстрированной книги в мире, наглядно показывающей и объясняющей детям и школьникам...

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In the nineteenth century there was an amazing flowering of ironwork forms, mass produced and widely distributed, but...

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Chemistry, Conoley

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Climate Change and Carbon Markets, Yamin, Farhana

On January 1, 2005, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) comes into force. In its first phase, in the EU alone,...

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Clothing biosensory engineering, Y Li (2006)

"Clothing Biosensory Engineering" is a systematic and integrative way of translating consumers' biological and sensory...

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Color and Layout

The human eye can detect 400 to 700 nanometers of light. Processed by the brain, this light in all its digital...

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Concepts of genetics, Klug

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Concepts of Genetics, Kluj

Adopting a a clear writing style and providing thorough coverage of all areas of genetics, this edition features...

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