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Мода, дизайн

Authentic Art Deco Interiors

The 1925 Paris "Exposition des Art Decoratifs" heralded the emergence of the Art Deco movement. This work examines the...

2504.00 руб.
Graphic Design:Pb (Rev.Edn.)

The story of graphic design is one of the most exciting and most important in the history of 20th-century visual...

596.00 руб.

A look at the intriguing world of international street signage: figures, colour-coded geometries, and terse verbal...

895.00 руб.
Erotic Comics: A Graphic History v. 2

Комиксы. Графические истории
1198.00 руб.
Erotic Fantasy Art: Digital Art at the Extremes of Imagination

Фэнтэзи. Цифровое фото
1198.00 руб.
USDesign 1975-2000

One of the first books to offer a critical assessment of American design in the last part of the 20th century, US...

1085.00 руб.
300% Cotton

300% хлопок
1198.00 руб.
Business Cards 3

Визитные карточки
1198.00 руб.
Guerrilla Art

Искусство граффити
932.00 руб.

1198.00 руб.
100 New Fashion Designers

100 новых дизайнеров моды
1464.00 руб.
Modern Menswear

Модная мужская одежда
1065.00 руб.
New Supermarket Design

2116.00 руб.
Jacqueline Kennedy : The White House Years

'Jacqueline Kennedy is one of history's great style icons. Her profound influence on the way an entire generation...

1872.00 руб.
This End Up

"This Way Up" reveals the creative process behind 14 distinctive and original international packaging designs. From...

1410.00 руб.
Advertising Art in Art Deco

Ментен. Рекламное искусство в стиле Арт Деко
594.00 руб.
The Mode in Costume

Стильные костюмы
911.00 руб.
Masterpieces of women's costume on the 18th & 19's centuries

Шедевры женского костюма 18-19 столетий
713.00 руб.
Chinese Textile Designs

The TNM Atlas is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the...

576.00 руб.
Everyday Fashions of the 20s

Блюм. Повседневная мода 20-х годов
594.00 руб.
Decorative Tile Designs

Over 400 motifs reprinted from rare 19th- and early 20th-century English, French and Spanish manufacturers’ catalogs....

887.00 руб.
Everyday Fashions of the Thirties

Блюм. Мода 30-х годов
634.00 руб.
Fashions from Godey’s

Блюм. Мода от Годи
488.00 руб.
Spanish Tile Designs in Full Color

For centuries, tiles have been a staple of Spanish design and decor. Selected from rare l9th- and early-20th-century...

576.00 руб.
Turn-of-the-Century Tile Designs in Full Color

lovely copyright-free designs from a rare early-20th-century tile catalog include beautiful floral and foliate motifs...

665.00 руб.


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