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Indian Style

1794.00 руб.
Art Deco Interiors  Pb

By the time of the Paris exhibition of 1925 from which Art Deco took its name, the idea that an interior and its...

1129.00 руб.
The French Touch:Decoration and Design in the Private Homes of France

The French touch is characterized by an effortless elegance that characterizes the arrangement of a vase of wild...

1195.00 руб.
Christian Liaigre

3594.00 руб.
Fashion Illustration Now:pb

This title presents the work of some of the top international illusttors from 26 countries and organizes it into three...

1015.00 руб.
Fashion Sourcebooks the 1960s Pb

In the 1960s, "youth" was the watchword. Skirts became shorter and shorter until in 1965 the mini was born with the...

416.00 руб.
Fashion Sourcebooks: the 1970's

In the 1970s, fashion became increasingly individualistic for both men and women. Off-the-peg clothes - chiefly in...

416.00 руб.
The car design yearbook 6

This brand new title in the definitive Car Design Yearbook series features all the new cars launched worldwide from...

1767.00 руб.
John Fowler. Prince of Decorators

Джон Фаулер. Принц декораций
2226.00 руб.
John Minshaw Designs

Дизайн Джона Миншо
2892.00 руб.
The Arts and Crafts Companion

Искусство и ремесло
950.00 руб.
Donghia - The Artistry of Luxury and Style

Мастерство роскоши и стиля
1386.00 руб.

Цветные границы
1162.00 руб.
French Touch

Франц. Стиль. Интерьеры
792.00 руб.
Essential Art Deco

Арт Деко
396.00 руб.
Expecting Style

898.00 руб.
In the Arts and Crafts Style

В Стиле Прикладного искусства
475.00 руб.
Nest for Two: Creating a Harmonious Home

Гнездышко для двоих: как создать гармоничный дом
370.00 руб.
Everyday engineering

Повседневное видение инженерных конструкций
1043.00 руб.
Living homes

Жилые дома
1043.00 руб.
Something From Nothing (Jan 02)

Something from Nothing explores the process of design pioneered by April Greiman - digital design. Greiman is...

1175.00 руб.

This thirty-seventh edition in the Creativity series displays the best and brightest in advertising and design work...

2357.00 руб.
Refinement and Elegance. Early 19 Century Royal Porcelain

Изысканность и элегантность. Королевский фарфор начала 19 века
3267.00 руб.
Gaudi and Modernism in Barcelona

Гауди и Модерн в Барселоне
157.00 руб.
Paris salons Vol.6 1895-1914:Textiles and Leatherware

The catalogues of the Paris Salons at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century provide a unique archive of...

2504.00 руб.


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