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Мода, дизайн

Celtic Designs Cd Rom and Book

Intriguing archive of 96 different designs featuring distinctive elements of Celtic art. Clear, crisp, copyright-free...

665.00 руб.
Everyday Fashions of the Forties

Олиан. Мода 40-х гг.
568.00 руб.
Celtic Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book

Intricately woven motifs, fanciful creatures, symbols for biblical characters, and much more in a versatile,...

665.00 руб.
Everyday Fashions of the Sixties in Sears

Олиан. Мода 60-х гг.
568.00 руб.
Everyday Fashions.1909-1920 from Sears

Олиан. Мода на каждый день. 1909-1920 от Сир
673.00 руб.
Oriental Designs + CD-R

Nearly 500 copyright-free images from Chinese, Japanese, Korean art. Flowers, fruits, birds, pagodas, peacocks, more....

665.00 руб.
Chinese Designs CD-ROM and Book

Admired for their enduring beauty and eye-catching appeal, traditional Chine designs are widely used by graphic...

665.00 руб.
Wedding Fashions

Свадебная мода
502.00 руб.
Egyptian Designs Cd Rom and Book

370 cuts of gods, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, more. Disk contains all items in book.

665.00 руб.
Godey costume plates

Годе, костюмы
383.00 руб.
European civil and military Clothing

Европейская гражданская и военная одежда
818.00 руб.
Heraldic Designs Cd Rom and Book

Over 340 attention-getting copyright-free cuts depict coats of arms emblazoned with stars, chevrons, helmets, mythical...

665.00 руб.
Everyday Fashons of the 20th Century

Ежедневная мода 20 столетия
1082.00 руб.
Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons

Средневековый Костюм, Броня и Оружие
1333.00 руб.
Authentic everyday dress of the renessaince

Повседневное платье эпохи возрождения
639.00 руб.
1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-ROM and Book

Hundreds of attractive copyright-free designs from all periods and styles—elegantly rendered miniature flowers and...

754.00 руб.
Stencil Graffiti

In Stencil Graffiti, the first book to examine comprehensively this design phenomenon, Tristan Manco traces the history...

596.00 руб.
Landscape design

This volume presents a history of the ways in which human beings have shaped the landscape at cult sites, in cities and...

383.00 руб.

The innovative structural designs of Cecil Balmond underpin architectural forms and give them their own integrity. In...

1796.00 руб.

1550.00 руб.
Full-Color Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs CD-ROM and Book

317 royalty-free designs

1020.00 руб.
House Beautiful.Design & Decorate:Living & Dining Rooms

1119.00 руб.
Heraldic crests

Magnificent depictions of lions, tigers, wreaths, falcons, rosettes, human figures, mythical creatures, much more.

932.00 руб.
The Artful Home.Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love

1119.00 руб.
Art Deco Fashion

747.00 руб.


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