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Мода, дизайн

Gaudi and Modernism in Barcelona

Гауди и Модерн в Барселоне
157.00 руб.
Modern Garden Design

Gardens in the 20th century reach back into the Victorian era and forward into the age of Land Art. This survey, from...

209.00 руб.
In Your Face Too  w/DVD

A presentation of more than 1500 full-colour screen captures of graphics for user interfaces in the areas of the Web,...

255.00 руб.
Fashions of the Thirties

Графтон. Мода 30-х годов
330.00 руб.
Antoine Predock Houses  C

341.00 руб.
Nest for Two: Creating a Harmonious Home

Гнездышко для двоих: как создать гармоничный дом
370.00 руб.
Godey costume plates

Годе, костюмы
383.00 руб.
Landscape design

This volume presents a history of the ways in which human beings have shaped the landscape at cult sites, in cities and...

383.00 руб.
Design In Steel

Дизайн в металле
396.00 руб.
Essential Art Deco

Арт Деко
396.00 руб.
Fashions of the Thirties: 476 Authentic Copyright-Free Illustrations

Authentic period apparel: suits, dresses, coats, hats, shoes, swimwear, tuxedos, evening gowns, handbags,...

398.00 руб.
Art Nouveau Fantasy Animal Jewelry Designs

Incredi- ble array of more than 600 bizarre designs—birdlike creatures, strange aquatic animals, peculiar insects,...

398.00 руб.
Fashion Sourcebooks the 1960s Pb

In the 1960s, "youth" was the watchword. Skirts became shorter and shorter until in 1965 the mini was born with the...

416.00 руб.
Fashion Sourcebooks: the 1970's

In the 1970s, fashion became increasingly individualistic for both men and women. Off-the-peg clothes - chiefly in...

416.00 руб.
Full-Color Floral Vignettes

late-Victorian designs—all exquisitely rendered and copyright-free—depict floral sprays, bouquets, wreaths and corsages...

443.00 руб.
Decorative Ironwork of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Over 400 magnificent designs, from 12th to 17th centuries, depict beautifully detailed hinges, door knockers,...

443.00 руб.
Old-Fashioned Pictorial Borders

443.00 руб.
Elegant Floral Designs for Artists and Craftspeople

The exquisite designs in this graceful garden of flowers will delight illustrators, commercial artists, designers, and...

443.00 руб.
Pixel Perfect

447.00 руб.
Picture Perfect:Fusion of Illustration and Design

With global brands like Nike, Adidas and Virgin Cola using illustration in their campaign designs, creatives who can...

447.00 руб.
"Keystone" Jacket and dress Cutter

Жакет и платье
460.00 руб.
New American Apartment: Innovations in Residential Design and Construction, 30 Case Studies

Новые американские апартаменты
462.00 руб.
French Fashion Illustration of the Twenties

Графтон. Французская модва в иллюстрациях
462.00 руб.
In the Arts and Crafts Style

В Стиле Прикладного искусства
475.00 руб.
2,286 Traditional Stencil Designs

A unabridged republication of two catalogs (ca. 1918 and ca. 1920) of "Excelsior" fresco-stencils , originally...

487.00 руб.


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