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Therapeutic Strategies in COPD, M Cazzola, B Celli, R Dahl, S Rennard, HBK

Three diseases are involved in most cases of COPD: emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma. All of these diseases are...

4326.00 руб.
Therapeutic Strategies in Thrombosis, SD Kristensen, R De Caterina, DJ Moliterno, HBK

In this new volume, leading authorities from around the world provide an evidence-based review of the therapeutic...

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Essentials of human anatomy and physiology

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Атлас анатомии таза и гинекологической хирургии

Баггиш, М.С. Атлас анатомии таза и гинекологической хирургии [Текст] / М.С. Баггиш, М.М. Каррам ; пер. с англ. Е.Л....

4389.00 руб.
Atlas of Human Anatomy

4982.00 руб.
Atlas of Human Anatomy, 14th edition

4982.00 руб.
Atlas of human anatomy, Netter

An anatomy atlas in the English language. In over 530 illustrations, it teaches the complete human body. It features 57...

4771.00 руб.

Emphasizes the fundamental concepts and principles of human immunology for students. This book provides an...

3703.00 руб.
Berne and Levy principles of psysiology, Levy

Heres a succinct, up-to-date summary of the physiological processes that take place in the human body, written in a...

3703.00 руб.
Brody's human pharmacology, Minnenman

Here's a succinct overview of the most important aspects of pharmacology, focusing on the most important concepts,...

4415.00 руб.
Cecil essentials of medecine, Andreoli

"Cecil Essentials" was developed as a shorter textbook of medicine for 3rd and 4th year medical students. With the...

4487.00 руб.
Cecil Textbook of Medicine 22e, Goldman

Turning the couch potato into a domestic god, this humorous yet practical guide for men in need of household tips...

6632.00 руб.
Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Abbas

Helps you to understand the principles of basic and applied immunology.

4485.00 руб.
Clinical surgery, Henry

A four-colour textbook of surgery useful for medical students, junior doctors and surgical technicians, this book...

4487.00 руб.
Craig's Restorative Dental Materials, Powers

This comprehensive exploration of restorative dental materials presents everything readers need to know to correctly...

5911.00 руб.
Dental Radiography, Iannucci

"Dental Radiography 3e" focuses on the essential principles of radiation and the technical skills necessary for the...

3703.00 руб.
Emergency care, Greaves

This is a unique, comprehensive text for paramedics in the UK which has sold well in its first edition. It covers all...

3917.00 руб.
Essential family medicine, Rakel

This textbook provides 46 case studies representing problems, frequently encountered in primary care. They are authored...

3703.00 руб.
Ferri's clinical advisor 2007, Ferri

"Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2007" offers a fast, effective way to access important diagnostic and therapeutic information...

4985.00 руб.
General and Systematic Pathology, Underwood

Placing pathology in the context of medicine and cellular and molecular biology, this book is structured around the...

4485.00 руб.
Gray's Anatomy for Students, Drake

Presents the essentials of clinical anatomy in a way that relates the study of anatomy to the clinical practice of...

4485.00 руб.
Human embryology and developmental biology, Carlson

Presents coverage of the development of the human embryo from conception to birth. Using a classical morphological...

4415.00 руб.

"Human Histology" is a well-established textbook, combining a superb layout and illustration program with concise,...

3631.00 руб.
Integrated pharmacology, Page

Thoroughly updated, the 3rd edition of this popular text continues to take its fresh approach to studying pharmacology...

4273.00 руб.

A concise book for both trainee and qualified psychiatrists which summarises information on a wide range of topics such...

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