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Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 5ed (ISE), Gropper

Current and comprehensive and designed to maximize clarity of the concepts you need to know, longtime best seller...

3179.00 руб.
Allergy: Atlas of Investigation and Management, SH Arshad, ST Holgate, NF Adkinson, HBK

In one form or another, allergies and intolerances affect approximately one third of the population, with as many as...

6489.00 руб.
Analysis of Genes and Genomes

This is a course that describes the tools and techniques of genetic engineering. This book takes an example-driven...

2115.00 руб.
Anesthesia Secrets, 3rd edition , Duke

2349.00 руб.
Atlas of Human Anatomy

4982.00 руб.
Atlas of Human Anatomy, 14th edition

4982.00 руб.
Atlas of human anatomy, Netter

An anatomy atlas in the English language. In over 530 illustrations, it teaches the complete human body. It features 57...

4771.00 руб.
Atlas of Pathology of the Skin, Hurvitz

This colour atlas offers an understanding of clinical-pathologic correlation for the identification and treatment of...

11806.00 руб.

Popular science meets parenting in this fascinating and beautiful book. Covering a baby's first two years with...

1511.00 руб.

Emphasizes the fundamental concepts and principles of human immunology for students. This book provides an...

3703.00 руб.
Berne and Levy principles of psysiology, Levy

Heres a succinct, up-to-date summary of the physiological processes that take place in the human body, written in a...

3703.00 руб.
Biomaterials, L Hench (2005)

3594.00 руб.

* Data sets, tables, additional examples, and solutions to selected...

4625.00 руб.
Black's Medical Dictionary 41ed,

1404.00 руб.
Brody's human pharmacology, Minnenman

Here's a succinct overview of the most important aspects of pharmacology, focusing on the most important concepts,...

4415.00 руб.
Cecil essentials of medecine, Andreoli

"Cecil Essentials" was developed as a shorter textbook of medicine for 3rd and 4th year medical students. With the...

4487.00 руб.
Cecil Textbook of Medicine 22e, Goldman

Turning the couch potato into a domestic god, this humorous yet practical guide for men in need of household tips...

6632.00 руб.
Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Abbas

Helps you to understand the principles of basic and applied immunology.

4485.00 руб.
Clinical Haematology: Principles 2Ed, Stiene-Martin

You will find this text easy to teach from -- your students will find the concepts easy to master and retain! Logically...

3735.00 руб.
Clinical surgery, Henry

A four-colour textbook of surgery useful for medical students, junior doctors and surgical technicians, this book...

4487.00 руб.
Control of Cardiac Rhythm, Williams

Focusing on the control of cardiac rhythm, this text covers the basics of antiarrhythmic therapy and electrophysiology,...

6549.00 руб.
Coon, Psychology , International Edition

Using the SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Relate, and Review) active learning system to help you study smarter,...

3668.00 руб.
Cowan and steel's manual for the identification if medical bacteria, Barrow

2120.00 руб.
Craig's Restorative Dental Materials, Powers

This comprehensive exploration of restorative dental materials presents everything readers need to know to correctly...

5911.00 руб.
Dental Radiography, Iannucci

"Dental Radiography 3e" focuses on the essential principles of radiation and the technical skills necessary for the...

3703.00 руб.


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