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Essential Orthopaedics and Trauma 4/e Dandy

An undergraduate textbook of orthopaedics and trauma. This title concentrates on the commoner conditions, and features...

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The Brugada Syndrome.2005

Since its introduction as a new clinical entity in 1992, the Brugada syndrome has attracted great interest because of...

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ENT secrets, Jafek

 This new edition of one of the most popular books in otolaryngology is now completely updated and expanded. In 89...

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Introductory Biostatistics

A course in introductory biostatistics is often required for students in public health, dentistry, nursing, medicine,...

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Signal Transduction and Human Disease

This book uniquely relates the broad impact of signal transduction research on the understanding and treatment of human...

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Analysis of Genes and Genomes

This is a course that describes the tools and techniques of genetic engineering. This book takes an example-driven...

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* Data sets, tables, additional examples, and solutions to selected...

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Visual Fields via the Visual Pathway

visual field is included for comparative purposes.

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Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry, 2nd, Barth

Preface. Chapter 1. Prevention Philosophy. 1.1 The Future Hospitality Manager and the Legal Environment. 1.2 The...

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Медицинская физиология

Гайтон, А.К. Медицинская физиология / А.К. Гайтон, Дж.Э. Холл / Пер. с англ.; Под ред. В.И. Кобрина. — М.: Логосфера,...

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Essential of pediatric intensive care, Levin

This comprehensive reference has been completely revised with the most up-to-date information on medical research in...

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Mark, Jonathan B., Atlas of cardiovascular monitoring

This text is an atlas of tracings of the electrocardiogram, arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure, pulmonary...

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Obstetrics   3Ed, Gabbe

The third edition of this up-to-date, definitive work is the perfect reference guide for a new generation of...

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Thyroid & its diseases, Degroot

This text documents many aspects of the thyroid gland and the diseases that it is susceptible to.

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Allergy: Atlas of Investigation and Management, SH Arshad, ST Holgate, NF Adkinson, HBK

In one form or another, allergies and intolerances affect approximately one third of the population, with as many as...

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Esophageal Diseases: An Atlas of Investigation & Management, M Vaizi , HBK

Esophageal diseases are among the most commonly seen disorders in the practice of internists, gastroenterologists, and...

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Interventional Cardiology: Atlas of Investigation and Management

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Pulmonary Infection: Atlas of Investigation and Management, AH Hill, WHB Wallace, FX Emmanuel, HBK

Infections of the lung make up a significant proportion of the work of the respiratory and infectious disease...

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The Year in Allergy Volume 3, SH Arshad, ST Holgate, HBK

In this book, the editors have assembled an expert team of international experts to select the recent papers that are...

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The Year in Hypertension Volume 6, H Brunner , HBK

Conatins a summary, review and commentary on 100 significant papers published on hypertensive medicine in the...

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The Year in Osteoporosis Volume 2, K kesson, JD Adachi, AD Woolf, HBK

Osteoporosis has been the subject of a rapid growth in research over the past twenty years. Papers describing recent...

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The Year in Respiratory Medicine Volume 3, R Fergusson, A Hill, T Mackay, P Reid, J Simpson, HBK

The speciality of respiratory medicine is both wide and diverse; hundreds of papers are published on this area every...

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The Year in Rheumatic Disorders Volume 5, R Madhok, H Capell, HS Luthra, HBK

Offers a detailed analysis of important peer-reviewed atricles on rheumatic disorders in the past 12 months.

5191.00 руб.
The Year in Urology Volume 3, Probert, Schwaibold, HBK

The "Year in Urology Volume 3" continues this series, with a further review of key papers from the recent published...

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