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The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky. A Visual Fugue

Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986) was one of Russia's most influential and renowned filmmakers, despite an output of only...

1573.00 руб.
Sad Comedy of El`dar Riazanov

Russia's funniest and most popular films are the work of El'dar Riazonov, a director whose light, lyrical tales of love...

1476.00 руб.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Records the experiences of a free-lance writer who embarked on a zany journey into the drug culture.

500.00 руб.
Theory of Film Music, Lexmann

3357.00 руб.
Television Truths, Hartley

1581.00 руб.
Scenes from the City

A celebration of filmmaking in the world’s most cinematic city with remarks by Woody Allen, Andrew Bergman, Francis...

2104.00 руб.
Building sci-fi moviescapes

1310.00 руб.
Motion Blur 2 w/DVD

Features 27 international filmmakers who are exploring the evolving possibilities of motion graphics, broadcast design,...

2396.00 руб.
Cinema of George Lucas, The Marcus Hearn

1902.00 руб.
Chaplin-genius of cinema

1993.00 руб.
Cinema for French Conversation, Second Edition, Rice, A. (2003) PB

Each chapter of the book is devoted to a single movie and includes aids for students watching the film, discussing and...

2508.00 руб.
German Culture Through Film (In English), Reimer R. / Zachau, R. / Sinka, M. (2005) PB

2156.00 руб.
Apprentissage du cinema francais: French cinema, Singerman, A. (2004) PB

Provides an introduction to French cinema for American college students. This book includes the history of the origins...

2623.00 руб.
Cinema for Russian Conversation Volume One, Kagan O. / Kashper, M. / Morozova, Y. (2005) PB

1689.00 руб.
Cinema for Russian Conversation Volume Two, Kagan O. / Kashper, M. (2005) PB

1689.00 руб.
Federico Fellini The Book of Dreams

Federico Fellini’s personal sketches and drawings of his dreams, accompanied by his own handwritten musings, are...

5265.00 руб.
Professional Presentations, Video PAL

1642.00 руб.
Telephoning in Eng CD-ROM, CD-ROM, Windows

1642.00 руб.
Movies and Meaning Prince

2212.00 руб.
Sean Connery

1759.00 руб.
Visual Rocks - The Heart of Music Video (IdN Pro)

1758.00 руб.
On Hollywood, Scott

Why is the U.S. motion picture industry concentrated in Hollywood and why does it remain there in the age of...

2488.00 руб.
Have You Seen:A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films Including Masterpieces, Thomson D

1234.00 руб.


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