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Analyzes how the Soviet leadership evaluated developments in Soviet-Vietnamese relations in the years from 1949 to...

4364.80 руб.
Contemporary Russian politics

2226.00 руб.
On the Ideological front

Having emerged, exhausted but triumphant, from the bloody and divisive Russian Civil War, V. I. Lenin and his...

2118.00 руб.
Emmanuelle Beart: Cuba Libre

2892.00 руб.
Property Law Cases and Materials

Suitable for students on property or land law courses. This book covers the requirements of the CPE, ILEX and combined...

1834.00 руб.
Diplomacy and International Law in Globalized Relations, Bolewski

Diplomacy is transforming and expanding its role as the method of interstate relations to a general instrument of...

2963.00 руб.
The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia

2118.00 руб.
Ethics and Criminal Justice

Этика и уголовное судопроизводство
1162.00 руб.

This second edition extends the influential ideas developed in the original book with more practical advice about...

1960.00 руб.
Essential mathematics for political and social research, Gill

Essential Mathematics for Political and Social Research addresses an educational deficiency in the social and...

3957.00 руб.
Comparative Studies of Social and Political Elites, Engelstad

How can the existence of elites be compatible with democratic governance? Any democratic society is inevitably...

5908.00 руб.
Public Ethics & Governance: Standards & Practices in Comparative, Thompson

This important volume looks at conflicts of interest, codes of ethics, and the regulation of corruption in the United...

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Multimedia technology is a key component of the Information Society. This book examines in detail the extent to which...

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Leaders and leadership continue to dominate Russia's political development. Like his predecessors in the Kremlin,...

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European Union Law

ЕС право
1676.00 руб.

Глобальны союзы.Теория и стратегии организованного труда в глобальной политической экономике

1549.00 руб.
Democratization Without Representation, Shadlen

When countries become more democratic, new opportunities arise for individuals and groups to participate in politics...

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Мегаобщины: Бизнес, Правительственное и гражданское общество

1452.00 руб.

Offers a significantly more comprehensive, current and diverse discussion of EU theories than other textbooks, and...

1464.00 руб.

What forces lead to democracy's creation? Why does it sometimes consolidate only to collapse at other times? Written by...

1863.00 руб.

Crime long has been a silent partner in China's march to modernization, just as law and order has become increasingly...

4946.00 руб.
Parliamo insieme L`italiano 1 (Quaderno)

Мы говорим вместе. Итальянский1 (Тетрадь)
436.00 руб.
Phrase & Fable

Справочник фразеологических. выражений
242.00 руб.
The Book of Limericks

Книга Лимерика
242.00 руб.

This book provides an introduction to the history, founding principles, institutions, and activities of the EU and an...

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