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Economics of structural change

Structural change analysis has been a distinctive feature of economics since its formative period. This authoritative...

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Russian Company and Commercial Legislation

Российская компания и коммерческое законодательство
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International Trade Statistics Yearbook,

Previous editions are listed in Guide to Reference Books . This two-volume reference provides basic information for 179...

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Hndbk of Economic Growth Volume 1A, Aghion

Featuring survey articles by leading economists working on growth theory, this two-volume set covers theories of...

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Hndbk of Economic Growth Volume 1B, Aghion

Featuring survey articles by leading economists working on growth theory, this two-volume set covers theories of...

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The political economy of antitrust, Ghosal

Motivated by experiences in antitrust enforcement and policy in the US and the EU, this book presents a collection of...

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Industrial Policy, Innovation and Economic Growth Kam, Wong Poh

This text provides an analysis of the development experience of the five most advanced countries in East Asia: Japan,...

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Handbook of the Economics of Finance, Vol.1A Constantinides

Volume 1A covers corporate finance: how businesses allocate capital, the capital budgeting decision, and how they...

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Financial Risk Manager Handbook, 3rd Edition, Jorion

An essential guide to financial risk management and the best way to ace the GARP FRM(r) Exam The Financial Risk...

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Development Economics and Structuralist Macroeconomics, Dutt

Lance Taylor is considered to be one of the pre-eminent development economists in the world, and is known for his work...

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The Blackwell Handbook of Personnel Selection, Evers

Book DescriptionThe Blackwell Handbook of Personnel Selection provides a state-of-the-art review of theory, research,...

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Marine Resource Damage Assessment, Maes

The contributions to this book are partly the output of a Belgian research project (1998-2002) and a related...

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This book looks at the array of political, security, economic, and social concerns raised by the enlargement process.

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Brink's modern internal auditing, Moeller

"Brink's Modern Internal Auditing, Sixth Edition" is a comprehensive resource and reference book on the changing world...

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This research monograph is an empirical examination of cultural influences on judgments of professional accountants...

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Monopoly and Restrictive Practices, Allen

The control of monopoly and restrictive practices is an important part of economic policy. This text discusses the...

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The Logic of British and American Industry, Sargant Florence

Summarizing the facts about the prevailing sizes of industrial firms or plants and the patterns of industrial location...

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Telecommunication Network

This book contains the best papers of the First International Conference on e-Business and Telecommunication Networks...

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Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies

'The University Edition' includes all of the updated information from 'Valuation', fourth edition, and provides crucial...

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Research in Finance, Chen

Contains contributions on a range of issues in financial research. This volume includes topics such as - the...

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Financial Econometrics, Rachev

A guide to financial econometrics, it introduces the reader to this discipline and the concepts and theories associated...

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Research in Experimental Economics, Isaac

Presents a forum for papers incorporating laboratory experimental economics. This work includes papers that discuss the...

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Involuntary unemployment, De Vroey

The Great Depression of the 1930s with its dramatic unemployment rates was one of the most striking economic events of...

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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has developed a powerful business community and a potent network of...

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