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50 Photographers You Should Know

Gives an introduction to the world`s greatest photographers from the inception of photography that bears proof of the...
922.00 руб.
Abelardo morell

Cuban-born Abelardo Morell began photographing his domestic environment after the birth of his son in 1986. Considering...
1398.00 руб.
All Day Everyday

561.00 руб.
Andre Kertesz

A visual time capsule of the pivotal photographer and his place in history.
278.00 руб.
Ansel adams in color

A revised and expanded edition of the landmark publication, featuring full-colour images from America`s greatest landscape...
1568.00 руб.
Araki (Photofile) Pb

Part of the "Photofile" series, this book brings together the works of Araki, one of the world`s greatest photographers.
590.00 руб.
Avedon fashion 1944-2000

Presents a retrospective of the influential fashion photography of Richard Avedon. This book includes more than 200 works...
4392.00 руб.
Bettina Rheims: Heroines

3181.00 руб.
Bettina Rheims:Can You Find Happiness

1100.00 руб.
Body (60th Ann ed)

From 19th-century erotica to the sexual politics of the 1990s, this collection of images provides an archive of bodily...
1117.00 руб.
Brigitte Lacombe:Cinema/Theatre

1904.00 руб.
Cartier-Bresson: Meisterwerke (Schirmer Visual Library)

444.00 руб.
DarkSide, Vol. 1: Photographic Desire and Photographed Sexuality

2306.00 руб.
Part of the "Photofile" series, this book brings together the works of Don McCullin, one of the world`s greatest...
590.00 руб.
Edward Steichen:Photofile

Part of the "Photofile" series, this book brings together the best work of Edward Steichen, one of the world`s greatest...
590.00 руб.
772.00 руб.
Eve Arnold's People

Eve Arnold, a Magnum photographer since 1951 and revered by her peers and the creative generation in equal measure, has...
1315.00 руб.
Femmes Fatales of the 1950s

1164.00 руб.
Flirts of the Fifties

World renowned photographer Bunny Yeager brings together 144 of beautiful, flirtatious girls from the 1950s. Selected from...
1162.00 руб.
Francois-Marie Banier: Perdre La Tete

1318.00 руб.
3181.00 руб.
Guy Bourdin Photofile

Presents some of the best work of the world`s greatest photographers.
590.00 руб.
Harmony of Reflected Light: The Photographs of Arthur Wesley Dow

The author weaves 135 reproductions of Dow's images with essays about the artist's personal and professional life, and a...
671.00 руб.
Icons of Photography The 20th Century

Ninety seminal images by the world`s greatest artists provide a tour of the twentieth-century`s greatest photographs. This...
988.00 руб.
1647.00 руб.


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