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Anna Akhmatova is recognised as one of the greatest poets of Russian literature, an iconic figure who gave voice to the...
399.00 руб.
An autobiography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that reveals his achievements from and apart from the field of literature.
239.00 руб.
Biography Of Franz Kafka

First general biography in UK for twenty years of one of the defining writers of the 20th century - Franz Kafka.
469.00 руб.
First Italian Reader: A Dual-Language Book

606.00 руб.
Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded...
198.00 руб.
J. R. R. Tolkien

Following the unprecedented and universal acclaim for The "Lord of the Rings", Tolkien scholar, Professor Tom Shippey,...
409.00 руб.
Masterpieces of Russian Literature 7 books set

783.00 руб.

Humiliation is not unique to writers. However, the world of letters does seem to offer a near-perfect micro-climate for...
175.00 руб.
Moveable Feast

'If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays...
293.00 руб.
Other Side of Me, The

Features a memoir of Sidney Sheldon`s early life. Growing up in 1930s America, the young Sidney knew what it was to...
307.00 руб.
Passions of the Mind

587.00 руб.
Peeling the Onion

Gunter Grass` parents ran a corner shop, but his mother, whom he adored, encouraged him towards books and music. This...
440.00 руб.
Rebecca Notebook

An investigation of the creation of one of the most famous novels of all time.
469.00 руб.
Samuel Johnson

The first new biography for a generation of one of the great figures of English literature: Samuel Johnson - poet,...
699.00 руб.
Several Lives of Joseph Conrad, The

Joseph Conrad`s impact has been so profound and far-reaching that, eighty years after his death, he remains an essential...
440.00 руб.
Speckled People, The

The memoir of Hugo Hamilton, which details his life as a young boy growing up in Dublin and his family`s homesickness for...
409.00 руб.
Summing Up

Written when he was 64, this autobiography from Somerset Maugham provides an insight into the author's craft, and his...
440.00 руб.
The Folklore of Discworld

In Discworld, the beings that on Earth are creatures of the imagination, like vampires, trolls, witches and, possibly,...
838.00 руб.


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