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Математика И Точные Науки

A2 Maths

One of a brand new series for A Level students, this book covers all the core content needed for A2 Maths, presented in...
512.00 руб.
Ancestor`s tale

One of the most brilliant scientists of our age gives us his definitive work: a synthesis of his comprehensive vision of...
373.00 руб.
The almost spiritual relationship between the Arab and his horse and the longstanding fascination the world over for this...
1643.00 руб.
Talks about the mysterious collapse of past civilizations - and what this means for the future. Bringing together evidence...
585.00 руб.
Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow would be happy to know that they...
666.00 руб.
Edge Of Evolution

1254.00 руб.
Elephants on Acid

Have you ever wondered if a severed head retains consciousness long enough to see what happened to it? Or whether your dog...
503.00 руб.
In Search of the Multiverse

What are the boundaries of our universe? Can there be different physical laws from the ones we know? Are there in fact...
1065.00 руб.
In the Palaces of Memory

Explores how the human mind transforms experience into stored memory.
850.00 руб.
Kaleidoscope sky

An illustrated tour of nature`s wondrous, almost supernatural sky, this work reveals the beauty - and the science - behind...
728.00 руб.
Lewis Carroll in Numberland

Lewis Carroll's books have delighted children and adults for generations, but behind their exuberant fantasy and...
532.00 руб.

A powerful, moving and gripping book about the lives of the men who walked on the moon, re-issued to coincide with the...
539.00 руб.
Naked Man, The

No life form has had a greater impact upon this planet than the human male. What is it that has made his legacy so utterly...
440.00 руб.
Physics of the Impossible

"Physics of the Impossible" takes us on a journey to the frontiers of science and beyond, giving us an exhilarating...
532.00 руб.

This title begins with Galileo and takes the reader through to the scientific developments of string theory. An accessible...
585.00 руб.
Bill Bryson describes himself as a reluctant traveller, but even when he stays safely in his own study at home, he can`t...
512.00 руб.

It is only by understanding how stars work, what they are made of, and how they die that we can understand our cosmic...
532.00 руб.
The age of wonder: how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science

Richard Holmes, prize-winning biographer of Coleridge and Shelley, explores the scientific ferment that swept across...
512.00 руб.
Thieves, Deceivers and Killers: Tales of Chemistry in Nature

862.00 руб.
Universe, The

Navigates the frontiers of scientific discovery to tell us what we really know about the history of the universe. The...
532.00 руб.
Why Don't Your Eyelashes Grow?

Ever wondered what that small dewdrop thing is in the back of your throat? Or why you have hair in your nose? This book...
479.00 руб.


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