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A Case of Need

358.00 руб.
A Desirable Residence

Liz and Jonathan were in trouble with their mortgage. Then Marcus Witherstone came into their lives. He knew of the...
409.00 руб.
A Family Man

Matt Webster`s world is shattered when his wife leaves him and he is left to look after their four-year-old son. Having...
329.00 руб.
A Lesser Evil

Fifi is fascinated by her new neighbours and wants to know what goes on behind all those shabby front doors. Why is...
426.00 руб.
A Place in the Hills

307.00 руб.
About a Boy

Will trades his lack of enthusiasm toward children for a date with a truly beautiful woman who is also a single mother.
627.00 руб.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huck is a young, naive white boy fleeing from his drunken, dangerous Pa and Jim is a runaway slave longing to be reunited...
293.00 руб.
If you come into a lot of money, life becomes easier, right? No, wrong - at least not for Sally Nicholas, whose generosity...
342.00 руб.
Adventures of Tom Sawyer

From the episodes of the whitewashed fence and the ordeal in the cave to the trial of Injun Joe, this novel is redolent of...
100.00 руб.
All the Rivers Run

Philadelphia Gordon is an artist and a riverboat skipper. Orphaned by a shipwreck, she grows up on the banks of Murray...
384.00 руб.

Eighteen-year-old Angel leaves behind her home and heads for the modelling agencies of the city. Young, beautiful and...
293.00 руб.
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

The New York Times bestseller - a thoroughly engaging chronicle of friendship and the substantive place it holds in...
358.00 руб.
Asta's Book

Asta and her husband Rasmus have come to east London from Denmark with their two sons. With Rasmus constantly away on...
319.00 руб.
Bertie Wooster has been overdoing metropolitan life a bit, and the doctor orders fresh air in the depths of the country....
342.00 руб.
Baby Group

342.00 руб.
372.00 руб.
Birds of a Feather

London, 1929. Joseph Waite is a man who knows what he wants. With his Havana cigars and Savile Row suits, he is one of...
384.00 руб.
342.00 руб.

The legendary Stephen King unleashes a new blockbuster from his crime noir alter-ego Richard Bachman.
299.00 руб.
Brighton Rock

A gang war is raging through the dark underworld of Brighton. Seventeen-year-old Pinkie, malign and ruthless, has killed a...
391.00 руб.
Cause of Death

448.00 руб.
Stella Fain has a rule for men she likes: make them wait. But the gorgeous Jay proves an exception to the rule when he...
372.00 руб.
Changing Places

When Phillip Swallow and Professor Morris Zapp participate in their universities` Anglo-American exchange scheme, the...
426.00 руб.
Children of the Mist

329.00 руб.
Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly old skinflint. He hates everyone, especially children. But at Christmas three ghosts come to...
94.00 руб.


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