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Язык, Литература И Биография (Словари, Лингвистика, Критика, Поэзия, Проза, Биография)

2001 Russian & English Idioms

Books in this series are designed to be usef ul to both English speakers & speakers of the foreign langua ge. Books are...
1019.00 руб.
A Question of Words

Did you know that `Blighty` comes from an ancient Arabic word? Or that Liberace cried his way to the bank so many times...
692.00 руб.
Alpha Beta

The idea behind the alphabet - that language with all its wealth of meaning can be recorded with a few meaningless signs -...
461.00 руб.
Autobiography, An

The life of Agatha Christie as told by herself. It covers her childhood, her first marriage, the birth of her daughter...
461.00 руб.
Biting the Wax Tadpole: Misadventures of an Armchair Linguist

Brings you the best bizarre quirks of the ways people communicate around the globe. The author wades through innumerable...
479.00 руб.
This is the essential two-in-one reference for the learner of Russian: an up-to-date dictionary and a useful grammar...
600.00 руб.
Dict of french slang,2nd

Part of a quick-reference series suitable for language students and international travellers, this title presents more...
443.00 руб.
Dict of german slang,2nd

Presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in the German slang, with English translations and...
443.00 руб.
Dict of italian slang,2nd

Presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in the Italian slang, with English translations and...
443.00 руб.
Dictionary of American Idioms 4 Ed.

Indicates the variant forms, parts of speech, definitions, and usage of the illustrative sentences for more than eight...
754.00 руб.
Dictionary of Etymology

Where did the words bungalow and assassin derive? What did nice mean in the Middle Ages? How were adder, anger , and...
585.00 руб.
Dictionary of Euphemisms 4 Ed.

The popular and lively guide to the language of evasion, hypocrisy, prudery, and deceit. Organized in A-Z format, with...
479.00 руб.
Dictionary of proverbs 5

This unique and authoritative collection contains over 1,100 of the most widely-used proverbs in English with research...
479.00 руб.
Dictionary of Russian Slang and Collocuial Expression 3 Ed.

This expanded and updated reference book lists approximately 5,100 Russian idiomatic words and expressions with their...
842.00 руб.
Easy Learning Malay Dict Pb

Collins Easy Learning Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) Dictionary is an up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary with a practical...
585.00 руб.
English Language, The

Provides a survey of the English language in its various forms. This book describes the structure of the language, the...
532.00 руб.
How Language Works

Features a survey of everything from how sounds become speech to how names work. This work also talks about eyebrow...
532.00 руб.
It`s not rocket science

469.00 руб.
JOLLY WICKED ACTUALLY is a wonderfully entertaining compendium of the hundred words and phrases that have over the last...
761.00 руб.
Mother Tongue

Presenting a tour of English from its mongrel origins to its status as the world`s most-spoken tongue; its apparent...
479.00 руб.
Over 300 Successful Business Letters

Despite e-mail, mobile phones and other modern conveniences, an important place still exists for the written letter,...
662.00 руб.
Oxford A Century of New Words

This fascinating dictionary gives a vivid picture of the last 105 years through words. It comprises a summary of the key...
532.00 руб.
Offering the words and phrases you`ll need as a beginner, plus a learning and lifestyle kit with a list of the words you...
479.00 руб.
Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases

This updated and revised edition is the authoritative guide to foreign words and phrases used in contemporary British and...
585.00 руб.
Oxford English Minidictionary 7 Ed.

173.00 руб.


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