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100 Great Kitchens and Bathrooms: By Architects

Examines the role of architects in creating comfortable, visually pleasing and functional kitchens and bathrooms. This...
1390.00 руб.
Abrams guide to american house styles

Offers examples of various styles of houses and includes 350 houses from more than 40 states. This book features colour...
732.00 руб.
Atlas of Office Interiors

In this book, Alex Sanchez has collected and juxtaposed over 600 different office design ideas, making this one of the...
1537.00 руб.
Basics Interior Arch: Drawing Out The Interior

Intends to provide an introduction to the representation of interior space through drawing and model. This book introduces...
1183.00 руб.
1398.00 руб.
Contemporary asian bathrooms

Shot entirely on location, Contemporary Asian Bathrooms presents the newest trends emerging in Asian home design. Over 180...
1390.00 руб.
Contemporary asian bedrooms

Bedrooms have a variety of identities ranging from Zen-inspired minimalist cocoons to high-tech entertainment arenas...
924.00 руб.
Cottage book  the

658.00 руб.
Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors  Pb

1315.00 руб.
Eat!:Best of Restaurant Design

1315.00 руб.
First inexpensive paperback edition of the "bible" of First Empire style in interior decor.
634.00 руб.
Fundamentals of Interior Design

Takes the subject of interior design and explains the essential concepts by looking at the process of design, from first...
1315.00 руб.
Furnish:Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century

1070.00 руб.
Hip Hotels London (PB)

Focusing on cities, this work offers a selection of destination hotels.
854.00 руб.
Hip Hotels New York (PB)

Focussing on the world`s most sophisticated cities, this volume offers a selection of New York`s finest hotels.
854.00 руб.
Home Decorating Projects

717.00 руб.
Home theater design pb

Covering the aspects of theatre design in the home, this work talks about how to plan a home theatre or music room,...
717.00 руб.
Interior design

Suitable for prospective and new students, this book gives an introduction to the nature and practice of interior design...
1483.00 руб.
Childhood is undergoing a revolution. The philosophy of bringing up children as separate from adults is a thing of the...
1264.00 руб.
Junk Beautiful

Takes readers through various renovation adventures, from shopping for recycled materials to the actual construction...
631.00 руб.
Luxury Bathrooms

Presenting bathroom designs, this book features detailed information for each of the 30 designs, including easy-to-follow...
1442.00 руб.
Minimalism in interior design goes beyond plain white surfaces to incorporate aspects like textural subtlety and colour...
824.00 руб.
Modern Ethno Interiors

1118.00 руб.
New London Style

Looks into the private dwellings of the young creative talents in London, from the music, fashion, design and art worlds....
1315.00 руб.
275.00 руб.


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