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100 Years of Fashion Illustration Pb

Suitable for art and fashion professionals, this book offers an overview of the development of fashion.
1553.00 руб.
1000 Great Cross Stitch Designs

Meant for cross stitchers, this title includes 1000 motifs organized into categories, to find a cross-stitch design for...
950.00 руб.
1268 Old-Time Cuts and Ornaments CD-ROM and Book

732.00 руб.
3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World

634.00 руб.
380 Graphic Designs and Devices CD-ROM and Book

Moviegoers and critics generally consider some Hollywood products - even some blockbusters - to be legitimate works of...
732.00 руб.
476 Decorative Designs CD-ROM and Book

732.00 руб.
660 Typographic Ornaments CD-ROM and Book

A huge collection of old-time ornaments and designs reproduced from rare late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centry...
732.00 руб.
Advertising is Dead (pb)

As conventional advertising channels become blocked, brands begin to renounce routine practice and take alternative and...
1315.00 руб.
Art and sole: Contemporary Sneaker Design

Focuses on contemporary sneaker design. This book also highlights how creative advances on the scene have been furthered...
1015.00 руб.
Art Deco Designs CD-ROM and Book

572.00 руб.
Practical, affordable collection of 513 Art Deco designs—copyright-free and ready-to-use. Crisp black-and-white...
438.00 руб.
458.00 руб.
Art Nouveau Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book

Classic Art Nouveau floral motifs infuse a touch of elegance into fabrics, stained glass, wallpaper and a host of other...
829.00 руб.

A guide to some of the most beautiful badges, this book explores the variety of uses of the badge since the year 2000 -...
854.00 руб.
Best of Letterhead and Logo Design p/b

Features a collection of innovative graphic work, presented in full colour. This work is useful for professional...
870.00 руб.
Best of one- and two-color graphics

One-colour and two-colour printing, although more common than four-colour printing, often carries with it a stigma of...
870.00 руб.
Biba remains one of the most evocative names in British design history. Intended for those interested in the fashion and...
1224.00 руб.
Big Book of Fashion Illustration

Intended for fashion illustrators and graphic designers, this book gives a variety of approaches, techniques and styles...
1463.00 руб.
Big Book Of Letterheads, The

935.00 руб.
Black Dress

Tells the story of the black dress - a popular item in fashion history. This book includes paintings by Auguste Renoir,...
822.00 руб.
Catalog Book: Designs for Catalogs and Direct Mail

550.00 руб.
CD-ART: Innovation in CD Packaging Design

The best-selling CD-Art captures the finest CD cover and packaging design from around the world, and provides an...
666.00 руб.
Celtic Stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book

732.00 руб.
Ceramic Design Course (pb)

A coursebook on designing ceramics with confidence. Focusing on design themes and principles of balance and form, it also...
919.00 руб.
Chinese Animal Designs

732.00 руб.


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