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Предметы искусства и их обращение

862.00 руб.
Bill Brandt (Photofile) Pb

Part of the "Photofile" series, which aims to bring together the best work of some of the world`s greatest photographers....
590.00 руб.
658.00 руб.

A biography of William Blake who was a poet, painter, engraver and visionary.
488.00 руб.
1027.00 руб.
Dal? (The Reality of Dreams)

This fascinating look at Dal? explores the forces that shaped the life and work of one of the modern art world's most...
658.00 руб.
Degas: The Uncontested Master

1483.00 руб.
Diane Arbus: Magazine Work

1315.00 руб.
Dore’s Illustrations for Don Quixote

Doré’s sympathy to Cervantes’ satire was so complete that, of numerous interpretations by many...
732.00 руб.
Elliott Erwitt (Photofile) Pb

Part of the "Photofile" series, this book presents the best work of one of the world`s greatest photographers. It contains...
590.00 руб.
Gainsborough at Gainsborough's House

604.00 руб.
All 63 engravings, 1 woodcut, landscapes, seascapes, peasant weddings, stately ships, allegories, sins, virtues.
926.00 руб.
Part of the "Photofile" series, this book brings together the work of the world`s greatest photographers. It contains some...
590.00 руб.
Hieronymus Bosch (Garden of Earthly Delights)

Few paintings inspire the kind of intense study and speculation as Garden of Earthly Delights, the luminous tritych by...
988.00 руб.
Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers

Endlessly experimenting with design, composition, and color, Hiroshige captured in these paintings, as no where else in...
2237.00 руб.
Josef Koudelka (Photofile) Pb

Brings together the best work of one of the world`s greatest photographer - Josef Koudelka.
590.00 руб.
Kate Greenaway Illustrations CD-ROM and Book

1122.00 руб.
Maria Sibylla Merian (New Book of Flowers)

Prestel Mini showing Maria Sibylla Merian's paintings in mini format.
329.00 руб.
Comprised of 40 full-page, two-color plates of finished drawings in several media, this new volume reproduces...
829.00 руб.
Neo Rauch

988.00 руб.
Here is a heartwarming, nostalgic anthology of Norman Rockwell's affectionate paintings of 20th-century American life. The...
1118.00 руб.
Rene Herbst: Pioneer of Modernism

1464.00 руб.
Robert Capa Photofile

Brings together the work of some of the world`s greatest photographers. This book contains some sixty full-page...
590.00 руб.
Secret identity

Showcases early erotic artwork by some of the most seminal artist in comics. Created in the late 1940s when Shuster was...
950.00 руб.

1315.00 руб.


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